Salaam Film Award 2013 goes to Anaeli Kihunwra from Dar es Salaam

Foto: Nicolai Perjesi

26th of September 2013 Anaeli Kihunwra was in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, to receive the Salaam Award for his initiative on stop-motion workshops with children in Dar es Salaam and Tanzania in general.

The motivation for awarding Anaeli Kihunwra:

“Making movies in Tanzania is a struggle. Making animation is almost impossible. Few years ago there was no education, no technical facilities, no distribution, no investors and no market. But then Anaeli Kihunrwa created his own studio for animation with his extraordinary blend of talents, his eye for business and perseverance. He established workshops for children.

Anaeli visited Denmark with Salaam Film Festival at CKU’s My World Images 2010. In collaboration with Viborg Animation Workshop he taught stop-motion techniques for Danish school children. Having learned this technique himself via the work in Denmark he immediately continued the work in Dar es Salaam where it became a huge success. With help from his animation students he held stop-motion workshops for children, also in slum cities where access to a computer is not necessarily common.

With this price Salaam Film Festival wishes to honor this entrepreneurship, this fiery heart and this talent – we are more than happy to conclude that the efforts made in 2010 in Denmark has now strong roots and is blossoming in Tanzania.”


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